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Every year, around late September or early October, pumpkin season starts. When I was a kid, there wasn't much pumpkin flavored foods... pie and bread were really about it.
Then at some point a few years back, somebody realized that pumpkin is a flavor that can be used for all sorts of wacky treats! This blog is primarily about those pumpkin items.
Typically, if it's pumpkin flavored, I will try it. If it has pumpkin in the name, there is a strong chance I will try it. The weirder, the more fun.
In order for this to not be a September - December only blog, I'll also highlight other weird foods (typically prepackaged, mass produced stuff) as well. There will also be a healthy dose of beer reviews.
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Thursday, October 13, 2011

McDonald's Pumpkin & Sweet Potato Pie

McDonald's has, in the past, had a pumpkin pie. This however, is a pumpkin AND sweet potato pie.
Let me complain right off the bat about two things regarding McDonalds:

1) The pies suck ass ever since they started "baking" them instead of frying them. I think the last thing most people stop to think about after consuming a Big Mac, large fries, and ginormous soda is just how unhealthy that fried pie might be. McDonalds is not a place to eat healthy so don't give us this baked pie crap.

2) Apparently, from what the guy at the drive thru window told me, Mcdonald's pies are 2 for $1 or 1 for $1. So, you might as well buy 2 and if you don't have a use for the second one, you fling it the window of an Apple Store.

Anyway, so I got 2 of the damn things. This turned out to be a good thing because it allowed me a more scientific taste test.

The first one was just icky. Not much flavor and had the consistency of yams shoved in a Hot Pocket pouch. Really. It was just terrible.

The second one, however, was not as bad. It had a smoother consistency and more pumpkin flavor. That said, it was still unsatisfying.

Not sure why they feel the need to add Sweet Potato to these things... It's really the spices that make pumpkin stuff what it is. The yammy stuff just makes you unsure of what the hell you are eating.
Can't really recommend this one. Anybody got a fresh TastyKake?

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